Humor And Freedom

One of my favourite quotes is by the late German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer where he supposedly said “A sense of humor is the only divine quality of man”.

My two favourite spiritual types that I frequently watch on You Tube are Sadhguru and the Dalai Lama. Both have awesome senses of humor.

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Doom Merchants vs Your Freedom

The information we take in, in our daily lives, certainly affects us one way or another. I have seen this recently with a guy who is a “news hound” and he (not coincidentally) is a very sick, negative and downbeat person.

This fellow listens to the news in bed before he gets up for work, he then reads the newspaper, he then listens to the hourly radio news at work, he then comes home and watches the one hour nightly news and he then watches the news current affairs programs after that.

Most of the “news” is very destructive and is about murders, wars, scandals, people losing their jobs through company closure, motor vehicle accidents resulting in deaths, and violent crime etc.

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The Lie Of “Self Love” – A Terrible Trap

You no doubt would be aware of the ”love yourself” idea that has been floating around in the self development field for the last decade or so that was popularized by famous authors such as Marianne Williamson, Maya Angelou and many others.

What came before that was the “positive thinking” life improvement idea with thousands of books, tapes and lectures created on this topic but the market became flooded and the subject jaded and the self-love meme became the new fad and cash cow that took over.

I have never written about self-love on this site because it is total nonsense! Why is it nonsense you may ask and especially if you are an advocate of this thing called self-love? Continue reading

The Price Of Freedom

For the last month I have been living on the beautiful island of Boracay in the Visayas island chain in the Philippines and have been seduced by the beauty of the place to the point of getting a bit lazy and not doing a post here for a while, although I did finish writing my book in the last week that I have been working on this year. So apologies for the lateness of this blog post.

One thing that I have still noticed whilst being away though, is the ever present sociopathic trolls on the internet on such social platforms as You Tube and Facebook. One way to deal with trolls and destructive people in general is to ignore them but that is not always possible if you are closely connected to a sociopath and there often comes a time you have to confront them if you want to be free, or you want others you care about to be free, from their destructive influence. Continue reading

Trump Wins But You Ultimately Control Your Destiny

In one of the most interesting U.S. Presidential campaigns ever, the underdog Donald Trump came out “trumps” over Hilary Clinton yesterday. Per a newspaper report here in Australia in the hours after Trump’s win, there were tens of thousands of searches on Google from Americans enquiring about moving to Australia and New Zealand, especially from the traditional Democratic stronghold states like California, Washington and Colorado.  Continue reading

Death And Freedom

One of the best books I have ever read was “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani, who is an Indian woman living in Hong Kong and who apparently, per her account, died briefly and supposedly experienced the “afterlife” but came back to life to tell her story.

I bought her book a few years ago and the story was so riveting I read it complete on a flight from South Australia to my destination of Malaysia, at the time. There are plenty of You Tube videos of Anita on the internet if you are interested in hearing her story.

One of the things that happened to her and has happened to me on three occasions that I can recall, is leaving the body by rising above it. This is very common phenomena with a lot of people recounting their ”out of body” experiences and many people have their story in a book or on the internet recounting those experiences they had. Continue reading

How Fixed Ideas Entrap You

The other day I commented on a video on You Tube in relation to the legality of and also the craziness of people owning semi automatic weapons in the U.S.

Boy, did I ever get hammered back by some of the Americans who replied to my initial comment. These guys that commented back were totally and utterly convinced that the reason the U.S. government wanted to ban semi automatic weapons was because they all have the fixed belief that the American government will “enslave” them by taking all their rights away if they can’t protect themselves with their weapons from their “evil” government. Continue reading

Freedom Is In Simplicity

In the last month prior to returning to Australia a few days ago, I traveled hundreds of kilometers in the lower islands of the Philippines and it is plain to see their lives are generally speaking much happier than Australians.

The secret to their happiness is the simplicity of their lives and the fact they are in good communication with everyone else, seemingly.  They seem to value relationships far more than Australians and presumably most of the people in the West, who place more importance on themselves, generally speaking. Continue reading

Sympathy vs Empathy

It’s been a while since I have done a post as in the last few months I have been on some of the 7,100 islands of the Philippines and most of them don’t have internet access. I am now back in Manila and will get back to posting at least a few posts a month as before. Apologies if you are a regular reader!

I recorded a You Tube video the other day and it was about giving money to the poor street beggars here in the Philippines. There are plenty of other videos on this subject and it creates quite a bit of controversy with people who give money to the poor street beggars here, as opposed to the people who don’t give money to them. Continue reading

Right Actions For Freedom

No-one can be free if they are not operating in a sensible and constructive way. The more sensibly and constructively you act, the more freedom you have.

There are some people who want to take advantage of other people usually for their own vested interest who think this is the way to greater freedom. Criminal gangs and cults (same thing usually) are two such entities who engage in this sort of behavior. Continue reading

Good Or Bad Cause Equals Good Or Bad Effect

The old saying about reaping what you sow is true. If you are causing a lot of good in your life you will get a lot of good back, and if you are causing a lot of bad in your life, you will reap bad effects back.

This is an easily observable Natural Law as any farmer can tell you or any scientist will tell you when they talk of action/reaction, but so many people don’t get it and would rather go into the “victim/blame others” game if they receive bad effects, rather than look at what they did to create the bad effect, or bad effects they have received. I am not immune and still do this at times but not as much as I used to since getting more clarity and certainty on this Law. Continue reading

The Best Gift To Give Is Attention

“The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolate. It is focused attention”. This was a quote I saw on Facebook the other day from an unnamed source, and it is one of the most profound quotes I have seen or heard in a long time.

As a matter of a fact, if there is no focused attention from you towards another person or thing, love is all but impossible. All the times you were deeply in love with someone you will find that the basic ingredient of that love was deep and focused attention towards that person and what they had to say and were doing. Continue reading

Being Judgmental – Right Or Wrong?

One of the big New Age catch cry lies of the last decade or two is “don’t be judgmental”. Sure, it is wrong to be viciously hypercritical of someone or stab someone in the back without just cause, but there is nothing wrong with calling “a spade a spade”.

The definition of judgment per one dictionary is “to form an opinion about something or someone after careful thought through weighing of the evidence”. This is a good thing and there is nothing wrong with expressing your opinions on your conclusions, too (as long as they are not malicious). Continue reading

Time To Become A Minimalist In 2016!

A quote popped in my head the other day and it went like this – “The more you own the more you are owned by what you own”.

The old standard of keeping up with the Jones family next door by owning a lot of material possessions no longer cuts it.

More and more people are realizing that they are beings of consciousness and therefore are doing themselves a disservice by having lots of material possessions, because their attention, time and energy will be to whatever degree taken by these material things.


How To Get What You Want…

You hear a lot these days about people using mental techniques such as visualization and affirmations in order to achieve something they want.

An affirmation is a positive statement one may make to themselves, or they can get it from an outside source such as an audio or visual recording.

A visualization is getting a picture in your mind of the thing you desire, such as winning a sporting championship, getting a certain job you desire etc.

Do they work? Absolutely they work and the only reason they don’t work is either because people don’t do them at least daily, or they don’t believe they work.

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What A Life Changer….

I have just finished reading “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel, which was written in 1912 and is freely available on the internet in pdf format. I heard that it was what inspired Rhonda Byrne to write the famous book “The Secret”, and which was followed up by a movie of the same name.

The rumor I heard about this book was that the “Elite” wealthy people of the world and the Vatican had it banned and it was hidden for decades because people who read it got the secrets that the mega-rich knew but did not want known by the masses, and the readers who applied the information in the book all became rich, too! Continue reading

Scarcity Is A Lie And Abundance Is Everywhere

One of the big tricks that the big tricksters tell you is that certain things are scarce, which leads us to believe those things are oh so valuable. Diamonds and money are two good examples.

The way they make those things apparently seem scarce is by restricting the supply. There are no shortage of diamonds but the diamond dealers such as De Beers regularly tell the world how scarce they are so they can sell their diamond rings, earrings and necklaces at the cost of thousands per piece. I recommend a very enlightening post on the internet called “Diamonds Are Bullshit” which tells the reader that the great desire for diamonds was simply created through a clever and big marketing campaign last century, and if you google it, you will see it.

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Embrace Refugees For Their And Our Freedom

Normally I write about subjective things and how changing your thoughts changes your life but in this post I will comment on the situation with the Middle Eastern refugees, as it probably is the most hotly debated subject in a long time.

It may seem to some that by taking on refugees from countries such as Syria that it is detrimental to the economy, but the truth is, without an expanding population the economy would be kaput!

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To Hell With Perfection!

There is a disease in this world called “Perfectionitis” and the main symptom is the desire for perfection. So many people want to look perfect, have perfect ideas before they act on them, act perfectly and act at what they consider the perfect time.


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The Dynamic Principle of Life Is ‘Choice’

One characteristic of the physical universe is that it is forever changing because in reality it is just a projection of our thoughts which are forever changing.

One of the hardest substances there is, is lead, but if you go check out any very old building such as a church with lead on it’s frames and hinges, you will find that lead is rotting and diminishing.

It is important that we choose to get knowledge to spiritually better ourselves regularly (daily is best) as otherwise we stagnant and deteriorate, too.

We need good quality food and water for the health and running of our bodies and we need life bettering knowledge for the soul. Continue reading

Partner Up Rather Than “Settle Down”

Two fairly negative words are “settle” and “down”. Settle is usually used in the context of accepting less. A hypothetical example could be “Joe came late to the birthday party and he had to settle for eating the crumbs of the birthday cake as the slices were eaten” or another “Jane looked like losing the court case so she decided to cut her losses and settle out of court for less than what she was owed”.

The word down is the opposite to up and an example of use could be “Mary lost her purse in the park and she is feeling down today”. You get the drift.

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Diversify Or Sink!

We have had a lot of job losses here recently and the economy continues to slide like it is in Britain, Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Largely this is because the West has given China millions of manufacturing jobs in the last couple of decades, and the West has largely gone from a manufacturing economy to a service based economy compared to where it was a few decades back (Detroit in the U.S.A. is a vivid example of a once thriving manufacturing city) and things are now catching up with us. Continue reading

I Am Sorry! (And The Importance Of Keeping Up With The Times)

Well, the technical dunderhead has struck again! I did not realize the amount of work needed to be done behind the scenes of a website and for at least the last six months I have not had any new subscribers to the site when before I was getting them regularly, and last night I found out why. There were a number of updates needed to be done, apparently, and a technically minded friend did them for me last night.

One of them was to do with the subscription area and when he fixed it I had my first subscriber to the site in over six months this morning. So goodness knows how many subscribers I have missed out on in that time. So, if you were a reader that has tried to subscribe to the site, I apologise sincerely for that! Continue reading

Entertainment vs Education

Whilst in the Philippines recently I came across quite a few Filipinos who wanted to get ahead in life and were not happy with where they were at, especially in a financial sense. It is much cheaper to live over there than in the Western World but the average wage over there is only about $350 a month.

All these people I met were unhappy with where they were at but none of them were doing anything to improve their situation. I told them that with the internet that they had the exact same opportunities to make good money as people in the West had, by using the internet to get educated and launch business opportunities.

They knew that but the truth is they were not willing to sacrifice their entertainment of playing computer and Facebook games and watching that good old programming tool, TV.

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Be Creative Or Expire…

I was reading recently that on average the people in the Western World waste their lives by watching five hours of TV a day (some more, some less). I crunched the numbers and worked out that this amount of TV watching equates to about 1,900 hours a year and over 140,000 hours in an average lifetime!

What a goddam waste of life! But 80% or more of the population on their death beds will have achieved this unremarkable feat. Instead of going out and really living life they just sit there in a hypnotized state getting “programmed” by looking at an electronic box in the corner of the room, or on the wall. And I am not taking the moral high ground here, as this is what I did for a big chunk of my life, too. Continue reading

How To Resolve Conflicts

It is amazing the number of conflicts that occur on social media these days and when I see some comments on a lot of the You Tube videos I look at, the attacks on some commenters can be really vicious!

It is a good thing we have the freedom to think for ourselves and comment on how we feel though, but some people can go way overboard in their comments and really they are just hurting themselves as much as anyone else, as you always reap what you sow, and if you are critical enough you will end up getting sick or develop physical ailments yourself because humans are natively loving beings, but when they violate that love no matter how justified it seems, they open the door for disease.
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Illuminating The Illusion!

It is a year now since I started this blog in May 2014 and it has flown by quick. I never thought I would have created more than fifty posts in that time but that has happened.

I have learnt a lot about myself and the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know, which is a strange realization that many searchers have.

The main purpose of this site has been to get the message across that the so-called physical universe is an illusion and the only real universe is a mental one and that we are the creators of it and our destinies. I have gone over the overall One mind or Oneness that we are, and you can find that information on earlier posts. Continue reading

Don’t Violate Your Integrity!

In the past week I made one of the biggest blunders in a long time by joining a certain cult like anti-religious cult group site on Face Book, after being invited to do so. As much as I recognize the dangerousness and destructive nature of the religious cult, at least they have some positive things in their religious cult, but the anti-cult group have none.

Anyway, I guess I was testing myself because a week or so prior to that I made the decision to only engage in positive activity and promote positive things. I violated that within one week!
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7 Secrets To Achieve Success And Wealth!

I have just started writing an ebook on the secrets of creating success and wealth that will go on to my marketing website at when I have finished writing it, so I thought I would do a post here on increasing success and wealth, as after all, money does equate to freedom in the material world for most people.

Not everyone wants to be financially wealthy as quite a few people strive mostly for spiritual wealth rather than material wealth but unless you are living entirely off – the – grid and don’t need money to survive, I think most people could agree that having more money is a good thing and helps increase their freedom in the current system we live.

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I Love Ralph!

Out of all the great writers, poets, philosophers, spiritual types etc. that I have read the works of throughout the years, I personally like the late and great American Ralph Waldo Emerson the most.

I only started looking at his works in depth last year but I have seen some of his brilliant quotes here and there throughout the years, without bothering to find out who he really was until recently. I sure am glad I did as his material is life changing in a big way!

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You Attract What You Put Out!

In the last couple of weeks I have gotten ridden of some destructive people on Facebook and gained some new, seemingly decent Facebook friends.

Now, I am  not saying that they were “evil” but they just did not see things the way I saw them in some matters and decided to attack me in a destructive way, and I was silly enough to engage them! Continue reading

Reincarnation Is Making A Comeback (Part 1)

In the last post I said I would go into more detail about the subject of death and reincarnation. The first thing to acknowledge is that the body does not live for a period of time and one day falls over dead as if it is the first time it has died.

The reality is your body cells die (and regenerate) every day! In actual fact, your whole skin dies and is replaced inside of thirty days. So at the end of every thirty days you have totally new skin as you shed millions of skin cells a day. That is how bloodhounds, wolves and other wild animals can track humans or other animals because they leave a trail of dead skin cells and hair.

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How To Increase Your ”Luck”

The first thing to know about luck is there really is no such thing! Luck simply is unknown Cause and when you discover the cause of it, it can no longer be called luck.

We live in a Cause/Effect universe and any effect (whether it is good or bad) or anything that can be considered good or bad luck, you caused it. Because you cannot identify how you caused it, it is called luck and looked at as something that ”just happens” for no rhyme or reason.

The word originates from the 15th Century coming from the Dutch ”luc” which was a shortening of the word ”gheluc” which meant happiness and good fortune. Continue reading

Travel Is A Form Of Spiritual Freedom

I recently got some great quotes about travel from the famous Aussie traveller The Overlander, who has one of the great You Tube channels called, where he has hundreds and hundreds of short videos of his travels around the world.

There are now thousands of You Tube channels, websites and blogs of people who are nomadic travellers and have ditched the ”mainstream” life of being in one place with the 9-5 job and paying the mortgage on a house.

Imagine if you were a spiritual being without a body, would you anchor yourself in one place or freely go where you wanted to go?
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Purification For Super Health!

We live in a highly toxic modern world with chemicals in our food, water, air, household cleaning products, cosmetics etc., and some of those chemicals can get caught up and stored in the cells and tissues of our bodies, and unbeknown to most people, they can cause a whole host of negative health conditions.

The worst toxins of all are heavy metals such as lead (in canned foods, tinned soft drinks, make up, exhaust fumes and more), mercury (in fish, tooth fillings, vaccinations and more), fluoride (in tap water in a lot of western countries, toothpaste, mouthwash, soft drinks and more) and then there are other heavy metals we ingest such as cadmium, arsenic and uranium.

Some of the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity can be cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, depression, chronic fatigue, arthritis, headaches, nervous disorders, food allergies, gastrointestinal problems and many more (google “Heavy metal toxicity symptoms” to see them all).

If one wants to be super healthy, vibrant, look radiant and live a long disease free life, it is imperative that these toxins be eliminated from the body and I have a suggestion how! Continue reading

Change Your Mind Or Get Left Behind

With the avalanche of information on social media these days you can find things you may have believed for a long time (or even believed for your whole life) to be utterly false and a re-evaluation needed of those things.

Of course, you can’t believe every thing you hear or see but it still pays to check out things no matter how bizarre they might sound to be, else you will stay in a small minded “box”.

In the last week I ran across something which I considered bizarre when I saw a video on a guy’s You Tube channel that claimed that Elton John’s boyfriend was really Princess Di in disguise and with a sex change! Nonetheless, I still applied critical thinking rather than have a totally fixed idea on it and did some research and found a video on You Tube from the 1980’s with Princess Di and Elton’s boyfriend on it together.

One of the commenters was so outraged that I did not believe that Elton’s boyfriend was Princess Di after I not only posted my thoughts but also posted the video of Princess Di and Elton’s boyfriend in the same frame on to that post (he claimed that is was digitally edited), that he threatened to kill me.

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Critical Thinking Or Heart Based Thinking?

I have noticed a lot of people on social media using the term “critical thinking” lately. A few months ago I looked up the definition of critical thinking and was surprised by the length and complexity of this particular definition.

The way I have always looked at the term is to mean to not just believe without question what you hear or are told but look for yourself, look at all sides and then think for yourself based on what you found. An example we can use is the debate whether or not we need to supplement our diets with extra vitamins and minerals. Of course you can spend the rest of your life looking at and researching some highly debatable subjects and at the end of that research you still might be wrong, and in fact, there may be no absolute right or wrong answer in some debates!

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Speak Your Truth – Don’t Let Anyone Stop You!

The last few weeks (up until a few days ago) I have had quite a few attacks on social media after expressing my opinion (especially calling out and exposing fraudulent figureheads and groups) on it and also after putting up some videos I created for my You Tube channel.

If you believe something is true never let anyone try and stop you from expressing that truth, as speaking your truth is the basis of integrity. The only time I would think twice on that is if it caused real upset to a family member or close friend. But a Facebook ”friend” I have never met before and probably never will, that does not concern me and putting the truth out is senior to losing their “friendship” (although I am quite fond of some of my Facebook friends that I have never met).
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Truth Is Usually Stranger Than Fiction

A freaky thing happened to me this week. Two weeks ago on a Saturday I was in the middle of the Outback of Australia in the town of Alice Springs, and it stems from that.

I filmed the famous Todd River there and it is famous for the fact it is nearly always dry. I put the 2 minute video I shot up on to Facebook and commented in the video that the river only has water in it about once every 2-3 years and had been completely dry for years.

Then, two days ago, the biggest downpour since 1988 occurred in the Outback of Australia and right where I filmed my video (which was on a foot bridge above the river) a lady filmed a short video and put it up on You Tube and showed the river was a raging torrent! The most it ever flowed since 1988, in fact.  Continue reading

A Natural Life Is Still The Best

I hope you had some good celebrations for your XMAS and bringing in of the New Year. I also hope you have your list of goals for 2015 written down and put in a place where you can see them a couple of times a day. I even jokingly suggested a few weeks ago to a guy from New York who now lives in The Philippines and runs an internet site, to stick his goals on the back of his bathroom door so that every time he goes to the toilet he can read them. To my surprise he did exactly that and straight away his goals started to manifest!

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A Possible Answer To “Karma”

If one could get control of one’s “Karma” you would think one would be on their way to “godhood”! Firstly, what is Karma? Karma is the Hindu and Buddhist belief that what ever actions you do (whether they are good or bad), you will be effected by them – and that can be what you do in this life or from previous lives one has lived, as they believe in reincarnation.

Other terms and phrases it is commonly described in are – cause and effect, action/reaction, you reap what you sow, what comes around goes around etc.

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Is It True That What You Put Your Attention On You Get?

A couple of weeks ago I rang up my local book store and ordered a book by a well known self development author and teacher by the name of Brandon Bays. Then, a couple of days ago, the staff member I spoke to at the book store rang me back and said the book had come in from Sydney.

So I went into town with great anticipation to pick up her book (Brandon is a woman) and read it. When I got to the counter we discovered that the book that came in was not the one I had ordered but another of Brandon’s books. Boy, I hate it when things like that happen! Continue reading

5 Key Elements Of Relationships

The other day I found out about someone I knew who just had been recently divorced. It seems like there is an epidemic in divorces these days and in some Western countries the rate is around 50% of marriages ending in divorce!

There are a myriad of reasons why divorce is becoming more prominent and one interesting statistic I found out is that marriages where the woman has a higher income than the man have a 30% higher incidence of ending in divorce.  Continue reading

The Transformative Power Of Gratitude

There have been a lot of posts on Facebook in the last week regarding the American tradition of Thanksgiving. This is a great thing to celebrate as what you give thanks for usually continues to come your way.

People that focus their attention on the positive, tend to attract that. We are most definitely the creators of our reality but unfortunately victims of life don’t realise that their negative thoughts result in negative actions or inaction and they usually choose instead to blame others for their misfortune! Continue reading

Fasting Is The Ancient Secret To Super Health

Every Saturday I only drink water and juice up until dinner time. So I don’t eat anything from dinner Friday night to dinner Saturday night. Also, once a year I do a five day juice fast around XMAS. Why fasting?

This is a practice written about in all the old religious texts and by old time philosophers and sages. It is even more pertinent these days simply because our bodies are saturated by toxins in the food, water and air we are exposed too. Continue reading

You Are Far More Powerful Than You Think!

I had an interesting encounter on Facebook the other day with a couple of Filipino Christians. Whenever I see someone post something about believing in God I like to tell them that the so-called “Kingdom of God” is within and that God is not an external being floating around in space with a magic wand determining everyone’s lives.

I believe in self empowerment and not having one’s life determined from outside of one and I believe the  more you take control of your own life and believe in yourself, the more ideal you will make your life.  Continue reading

You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For!

In the last week I found an old school associate on Facebook who I went to school with from 1966 to 1968. He made a comment on a Facebook friend’s site and I recognized his name because it is a very distinct name

We got to chatting and I recalled a time when one of my teachers made one of the students hold the top of his head in a bucket of water for an entire class (I think it was 30 minutes but it could have been an hour). Continue reading

How To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams!

Last weekend I watched a great interview by Lilou Mace with a Dutch guy by the name of Baptist De Pape. Lilou is a beautiful French/American who has done over 2,500 interviews with spiritual type people and recorded them on her “Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour” site.

Baptist recently wrote a book called “The Power Of The Heart” and also produced a movie of the same name. In both the movie and the book he interviews 17 of the world’s most famous spiritual teachers who have collectively sold over 500 million books and a world famous scientist.

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I Nearly Got Stomped To Death By A 7 Foot Tall Kangaroo!

The last post I went over the importance of balance in one’s life through equal transaction (giving as much as taking). I had quite a few good comments from it through Facebook chat and email (I get more response that way it seems than readers leaving comments on my posts) so I will add a bit more on this subject.

As I explained, and as is all too obvious – the troubles besetting mankind are caused by taking more than giving, or what could be called unequal transaction.

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Action/Reaction Is The Only Transaction

If you are a nature lover, a gardener, farmer etc., you would know for certain that in nature the basic law is cause and effect – or what is sometimes called action/reaction.

If we all operated on the knowledge that whatever we cause we are effected by, we would be really living in a  “heaven on Earth”. But in some places now it is looking like a “hell on Earth” because many don’t know this law!

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The Truth Will Set You Free But Where Do You Find It!

Don’t you just hate it when you have found out that someone you thought you could trust has lied to you! It definitely makes you feel smaller because you feel silly and tell yourself you are because you feel you should not have been so trusting of the person who lied to you and been so gullible.

Well what if you have been lied to all your life? How bad would you feel then?

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Are You Serious?

With all the negative things happening in the world these days, it is easy to go into “serious mode” and worry about your, and your loved one’s future.

This is the worst thing you can do as I have related in earlier posts, because you do create your reality by your thoughts, emotions and actions.

So it is obvious if you go into a fear or a “doom and gloom” mindset, the actions you take won’t be conducive to your well-being, or that of those around you.

In other words, it is not what is happening in the world that creates your reality, but how you react to it which then creates your reality (because you are the creator of your reality by your actions).

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